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Berlin Gretchen

Gretchen Kessler

Gretchen Kessler is a photographer living in Cork, Ireland. Her work spans many countries, including Egypt, India, Europe, and the Americas. She currently lives with her two pet rats, sings in a local choir, and can usually be found outside with a red wine when the weather is nice.


Gretchen has worked in events and concert photography since 2014, and is rarely seen without a camera in hand. Her style is docoumentary, with a special knack for capturing the indelible moments of life, and turning an ordinary interaction into a memorable capture. She shoots primarily on vintage lenses, finding that the old glass lends a certain intangible texture that hallmarks her work.


Gretchen received her first camera at 13, and cut her teeth in the high school's darkroom, spending hours developing photos long after the other students had gone home. She is currently working on digitising her analogue portfolio.


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