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Cork Clothes Swap

A community initiative to fight against the wasteful nature of fast fashion, Cork Clothes Swap takes place twice monthly and exists as a part of Cork Sustainable Fashion Fair. 

I regularly volunteer at the Clothes Swap, and I was asked by the organisers to put together a video about the group's goals and values.


Song Factory Budapest is a young-adult choir performing Hungarian and international hits in and around the city of Budapest. When I joined in 2019, the choir's management was keen to expand into visual content, and asked me whether I could produce a music video from them. That was Olyan Ő by Bagossy Brothers Company, and since then it has been an exciting and fruitful collaboration. 

We Love Budapest

As part of my job as a writer and journalist for We Love Budapest, the foremost source of entertainment news in the city, I was tasked with creating short, engaging video content for English-speaking visitors and expats to discover Budapest. We have created various themed series, such as Exploring Budapest by District, Hotel Histories, and 3-Minute Budapest, wherein Hungary's capital city is explored from toe to tip! They can all be found on Facebook and YouTube.

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