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Schedule of Events

Looking for the line-up, instead? That's over here

Saturday, July 20th


1:00pm: Recommended arrival time if setting up a tent

2:00pm: Recommended arrival time if not camping

2-3pm: Light snacks and Prosecco


3:00pm: Ceremony begins - they say "I do!"

3:20pm: Ceremony ends (short, sweet, and to the point!)

3:30pm: Return to the main area on the farm

3:30-4:30: Mingling, photos, top up your drinks


4:30: Sit down to dinner



...good cheer and full bellies! 


7:00pm: Let Wedstock COMMENCE! Bands begin at 7pm on the dot and won't finish till late. 

Find the full line-up here

Sunday, July 21st

Cock-adoodle-doo! Good morning to the farm! 

We encourage everyone to sleep in and recover from the revelries of the night before. We're sure there will be a few merry souls who see the dawn break before they see the inside of their eyelids, so don't worry about getting up early. 

1:00pm: Music starts

...and goes till it ends! Enjoy the day! 

Monday, July 22nd

All good things must come to an Monday unfolds, it is time to pack up your tent, hug your friends, give the newlyweds a big ol' kiss on the cheek, and stumble back into society with stars in your eyes and love in your hearts. We'll see you at the One Year Reunion fest! 

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