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We're getting married!

Welcome to WEDSTOCK, the Kessler-Reidy Festival + Wedding! This Ultimate Wedding Guide should answer all your questions, but if you need more information, don't hestitate to reach out to Alan or Gretchen via email, text, or WhatsApp: 

Gretchen - 0870958904  //

Alan - 0873157319  // 

​Please note that food will be available for purchase on the farm, as well as alcohol (while supplies last). Please bring cash! Recommended to BYO snacks and other alcohol to keep you going! 


The full schedule, right at your fingertips! Of course, we can't guarantee that times mightn't tend to fluctuate a little...grab yourself a prosecco and don't stress about it! 

WEDSTOCK line up2.jpg

Check out all the bands playing at WEDSTOCK!

Cork city and bridge_edited_edited.jpg

How to get to the wedding, how to get to Cork (for those arriving from abroad), where to stay, how to get around town, what amenities will be available on the farm, what food/drinks will be available, and everything else you could want to know regarding the venue and transportation! 


Camping will be available for free on the farm for those who wish to participate in the full festival experience. For anyone who wishes to have a proper pillow under their heads, here is a list of recommendations for hotels and AirBnBs in the area. 

Dog and beach

What to bring to the wedding, what clothes to consider, and general packing information for those arriving from abroad. 


We have decided that we have enough material goods, so rather than request traditional wedding gifts, we ask that guests donate within their budget towards sponsoring a band for the festival! Or that trusty old friend "cash money" will always be graciously accepted. 

Killarney views

Travelling around Ireland, Irish customs and etiquette, how to get an Irish SIM card, and much more information for those travelling to Ireland for the first time. 

West Cork views

For those arriving from abroad who wish to extend their trip around Ireland, here are Gretchen's suggestions for locations around the Ireland and Cork to visit! 

We'll see you there, rain or shine!

Carriages at midnight.  Ambulances at 2AM.  Wheelbarrels at 5AM.  Hearses at daybreak.

Free drinks for whoever gets the reference!

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