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What should I bring to the wedding? What should I NOT bring?

This is a music festival wedding, so we encourage everyone to come dressed for a casual outdoor event! This is not the wedding to wear your pointiest high heels, this is the wedding to show off your most durable boots! That being said, it could also be warm and sunny in the day so dress in layers.


Some things to consider bringing: 

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray

  • Umbrella, rain coat (you never know in Ireland)

  • Thermals (it will get cold at night!)

  • Thick socks, a warm sweater, scarf, hat, and jacket

  • Rainboots and/or other boots (waterproof recommended)

  • Party clothes for dancing in the (possible) scalding sunshine

  • Alcohol (there will be a bar on-site but guests are welcome to bring as much booze as they wish to consume from home! Please no glass--cows walk in these fields and they could get hurt by broken glass.)

  • Food (we will be feeding you dinner on Saturday but the rest of the event will be a regular music festival, so bring lots of snacks to keep you happy! There will be a food track available for purchase on Sunday/Monday. You can also bring a camping stove and cook on-site.)

  • Your own bowl/plate/cutlery/silverware for snacks and meals outside the Saturday dinner - let's be sustainable, baby! 

  • Water bottle (there will be plenty of drinking water available on the farm to fill up--stay hydrated!)

  • Painkillers (for any pesky hangovers)

  • Ear plugs (we'll all be camping in one field together, and your neighbours could be snorers--the best offense is a good defense!)

Do not bring:

  • High heels (you'll sink)

  • A bad attitude 

  • Untrained polar bears (trained fine)

What is the dress code?

Wear your funkiest clothes for groovin' tunes, but remember that we are also on a farm, and it COULD pour rain at any time (that's Ireland for you). Wear layers (it might get chilly at night), have a coat close to hand, and dont' forget your sensible footwear. But also...bring the funk.

What will the weather be like? / What happens if it  rains?

Ireland in July is very unpredictable. It could be brilliant sunshine one hour, and hail the next. Dress for all weather possibilities, and for the love of God wear layers!! You'll be grateful. 

If it rains, then the wedding itself will move to the barn, and we'll just all don our rainboots afterwards and enjoy ourselves in the rain! (It could be could be sleeting!) 

Gretchen's general packing list (for guys and gals)

You don't need as much as you think I do. Here's what I would recommend if coming in from abroad (pick and choose based on your gender/dressing style): 

  • x2 long-sleeved shirts

  • x2 t-shirts

  • x2 pairs of jeans (in case one gets wet or muddy)

  • one pair of shorts

  • one pair sleeping shorts/pajama bottoms

  • one skirt

  • x2 dresses (one for the ceremony, one for dancing)

  • one pair of long underwar

  • one sweater

  • one sweatshirt/hoodie/cardigan

  • 1-2 party tops (which can be paired with the jeans, shorts, skirt)

  • x5 pairs underwear (wash as needed)

  • x5 pairs of socks (wash as needed)

  • x2 pair thick socks

  • x1 waterproof boots

  • x1 general walking shoes

  • one scarf

  • one winter hat/beanie (it gets cold at night but judge for yourself--I'm always cold)

  • one rain coat

  • one coat/jacket

  • sunscreen

  • bug spray

  • shampoo/conditioner (you can always buy these here for cheap)

  • razor

  • shower gel/soap

  • umbrella

  • travel pillow (this can be transformed into a regular pillow when camping by draping a shirt over it)

  • microfiber towel

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