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Can I stay on the farm?

This is a music festival wedding, so we encourage anyone so inclined to join us camping on the farm (for free!). There will be a quiet area at the end of the field for anyone who wants a softer experience (recommended to bring earplugs regardless!). For those ready to party till dawn, you are very welcome in the main camping area! 

If you are coming in from abroad, please note that the weather is very unpredictable in Ireland in July! Take a look at our recommended packing list as well as what to bring/not to bring for the duration of the festival. We will be updating the weather forecast on the main landing page as we get closer to the date! 

What to expect from camping: 

  • Campers will have their pick of the rolling fields at Martina's farm to pitch their tent, only a short walk from the stage and the general festivities.

  • There are bathrooms on site but no public showers, so embrace your inner hippie (it's only for a day or two!). 

  • Hot water will be available for tea and coffee, and food trucks will be available from Sunday onwards. Be sure to bring food and alcohol for the festival (we will feed you on Saturday for the main dinner but you may want additional snacks throughout the day!). 

  • It could get muddy in the camping area, so bring rainboots. 

  • Please no glass on-site. Cows roam the fields and could hurt themselves on broken glass.  

  • We are out in the countryside, so it will get dark at night. Recommended to bring a headlamp. 

  • There will not be many places to charge phones, so recommended to bring an external power bank if you have one. We will have charging stations set up but you may have to wait so we ask for patience! 

  • If you need more food/alcohol during your stay, we are not far away from supermarkets, although you will probably need a car to get there. We will try to organize carpooling trips for those who do not have cars. 

  • It will probably get chilly at night, so bring warm clothes for sleeping! 

  • Everyone who are camping are guaranteed to be cool people, so if you are coming from abroad, make friends with the locals around you! :)

I want to camp but I don't have a tent...can I rent one/can I share with someone?

Yes to both! For anyone who fills out our RSVP form indicating they wish to share a tent with someone cool (many people with have 3+ person tents they're sharing), we will try and pair people up who we think will be compatible. 

If you want to rent a tent in Cork, this company seems to be the best option I have found so far. 

What hostels are available?

There are a couple hostel options in Cork! They sell out quickly in the summer, so recommended to book early! 

Sheila's Hostel - fun fact, this is where Gretchen lived for her first two weeks in Ireland. Her friend Laura still works there--ask for her if you stay there! 

Bru Hostel

Ashley Hotel

Are there AirBnBs available in Cork/Glanmire?

There sure are! You know how to search for those, so get lookin'! 

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